Monday, September 7, 2015


In need of the lineup to this Italian band’s 1984 demo.


  1. Started in Roma as Zellofen in 1982(they recorded a two tracks demo in 1983),in 1984 changed name and line up when singer Baffo Jorg and bass player Fabio D'Olimpio left the band,replaced by Andrea Strappetti(vocals) and Alessandro Chiadroni (on bass);this line up recorded but not released a 7" in 1985 before quitting,former members later played in many others roman based bands as Maskim,Mindscape,Hot Blood etc. they reformed the band in 2011 and this year released an official studio album and an official live album.

    demo 1984 line up:

    Francesco Menna - drums
    Fabrizio Appetito - guitar
    Francesco Ciancaleoni - guitar
    Andrea Strappetti - vocals
    Alessandro Chiadroni - bass