Friday, September 4, 2015


Trying to locate any info on this Italian band.


  1. Meretrix was from Firenze (Florence) and released only a demo in 1988 entitled "Storm of Rage",i don't know the line up but you can hear the four songs and see the artwork and some live pics at their old myspace

  2. Just found further informations about this band in an old italian zine, in early 1988 released ta 5 tracks demo entitled "House Of Pleasure",some months later the title track was rerecorded and included in the second demo "Storm of Rage" ; in the rewiev there the writer wrote a partial line up,Massimiliano Gambinossi and Mauro Salvi on guitars and G.Rapisardi on bass, i just uploaded a scan of this article on tinypic,here is the link