Monday, January 3, 2011

Bay Rum

This band recorded a 1987 demo called Only the Strong Survive. Anyone know where they were from and who played on it?


  1. You can find the cover artwork of the demo and the line up at

    Note that the band also recorded an EP in 1985(you can find it in the same blog,just under the demo,looking carefully at the cover artwork of the ep you can read on the license plate of the car "Bay Rum -- California" -- hope to be helpful!


  2. Thanks Marco; link won't work though.

  3. Are you sure?I had no problem with it!


  4. Hello......
    My name is Jeff, and I played keyboards on the aforementioned recordings, as well as a 45 we released in 1975, and am still active with the band playing and recording....although not on keyboards any longer but rather the drums. There are some tunes and videos that I uploaded on my Youtube page, Hardrawker1, so check it out for a good laugh!

  5. Hi Jeff, thanks for writing. What city were you guys based in? and do you mean a 1985 45?

    Is this the correct lineup of you demo?:

    Kenny Robbins (lv/g), Jeff Vash (lv/kb), Rich Stewart (g), John Gay (b/v), Patrick Alvarez (d)

  6. By the way.......I still hang out with all of these guys, and Rich Stewart still plays in the band with me.........and I will be putting the songs on my Youtube site off of the 1975 45 very soon as well!

  7. AND......The band started in Livermore Ca. in 1972, although I am the only original player still in the band, and playing drums now instead of keyboards! But still have the B3 in our studio..... And that lineup IS correct for that demo, and lasted for 5 years or so.....many great gigs!