Thursday, August 26, 2010


Anyone have this Soviet band's three demos: Mayatnic (1983), Dalekaya Zvezda (1984), and August (1986)?


  1. I have them all...but they released several more tape-only releases, collection tapes (including demo recordings from previous sessions) and various live recordings.

    I have:

    -Mayatnik Demo 1983
    -Demo 1 1985
    -Demo 2 1985
    -Demo 1986
    -Uspek Tape 1986
    -Zerkala Tape 1986

    There are rumors of more unreleased demos/tapes:

    -Vezde nastignet noch Demo 1985
    -Noch Demo 1987
    -Nochnoj mir Demo 1988

    You can join metalrus can find some russian collectors who can supply with more infos

  2. As any other russian metal/rock band of the 80's there's a great confusion about tape releases.
    Most of them just recycle/compile songs from previous demos, others were just spreaded among friends as a sort of collection with a bunch of unreleased tunes as bonus, some demos/tape releases exist with different versions (different tracklist, different mix).
    I am trying to gather every russian release on tape, including same demos with different mixing/tracklist....

    consider that EVERY tape release made in Russia until 1990 does not have tape cover...they circulated underground with just song titles on the cover. First tapes with cover appeared around 1990-1991, with some Korrozia Metalla home-made compilation tapes for friends and first death-black bands

  3. THANKS for that info, very helpful.