Sunday, June 13, 2010

Arsonal Fury

In need of this California band's rehearsal and demo, both from 1987. Need the lineup too.


  1. Hi, there. I think I can help you with finding the band's demo. You see, I was the drummer in this band, and I recently transferred the demo to CD (the songs are available on You Tube). As for the lineup, the singer's name is Jesse (I forgot his last name). I honestly forgot the names of the other members (the band had only four members). You can probably figure out my name. As for the rehearsal tape, unfortunately I don't have a copy of it.

  2. Hi Evan, please write me at

    Would like to talk about the band.


  3. Got them, here at Lockjaw...

  4. My name is Ivan,
    I was the lead guitarist of Arsonal Fury & Wrote the music & most of the lyrics. Thank you so much for expressing so much interest in the band. I can be reached at: I'll be happy to give you any info you need. Hell maybe you can help me talk Evan into re-recording & releasing the old demo. I've been trying for a couple of weeks now. LOL!! Thanks again.

  5. Hey dude, I got the gutarist from Arsonal Fury. I've been in contact with him and Evan on You Tube.

  6. I think I'm all set with Arsonal Fury. I have:

    Arsonal Fury (Venice, CA)
    Jesse (v), Ivan Ramos (g), Paul Martinez (b), Evan Warech (d)
    • Rehearsal (April, 1987): Axed / Infected Brains / Fall to Ruin / Toxic Waste / Rightful Damnation / Chainsaw Amputation / Flying Circus / Snatched / The Dead Man
    • Demo ’87 (May, 1987): Axed / Infected Brains / Toxic Waste / Fall to Ruins

    I recommend the demo, it's good.