Monday, March 7, 2011

Sample Review: Angel Butcher

Angel Butcher (Araguari, Brazil)
Live Demo (1987): War / Total Violence / The Final Breath
Pigs in the Power (1988): Might / Fuck the System / Funeral of Puppets / The Final Breath
A Insect in Society (1989): Fuck The System / Depressive Maniac / The Final Breath
These crossover thrashers whipped up a delightfully primitive racket, mixing the evil power of metal with typically-hardcore lyrical concerns and energy. Pigs in the Power is said to be a rehearsal but sounds too good for that, even with its raw quality. The buzzy guitar plays mainly in a metal manner, with splatter-style leads, and the tempos are often fast but they mix it up. The vocals are harsh, almost deathly, and the rhythm section is nice and trashy. An Insect in Society ups the ante with furious thrash that plants one foot in blasting hardcore and the other in underground metal, utilizing blast beats, mosh parts, HC-style vocals, and those buzzing guitars. It's a gloriously lo-fi and fun listen, and a good five years behind the times. It could be the result of dying batteries on a headbanger's boombox somewhere along the trading food chain, but this sounds sped up, especially the almost Chipmunk–like vocals. Got together in 1986 and never made it beyond the demo stage, breaking up in the early ’90s, though they got back together to record a demo in 2006.

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