Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I have all three demos from this Alabama band, but I do need to know who played on what tape.


  1. Demos in order of release:
    Amniotic Daze (1987)
    The Green Tape (1988)

    Remixes done by Dave Keller (Drummer) that sound different than the original releases are yet to be released and are erroneously known as the Dave Keller Mixes, The Barnwood Sessions and other names, were never released as a demo. They are to be packaged and released in 2010 possibly with video and other live recordings.)

    Check www.afterbirth.us for news and updates.

    The lineup was the same on all releases: Dustin Bell (Vocals), Donald Dunlap (Bass, Vocals), Brad Grey (Guitar), Dave Keller (Drums).

    Dustin Bell and Donald Dunlap were the songwriters.

    Songs can be downloaded and any new, upcoming information coming can be found at www.afterbirth.us.

    The actual band logo, rather than just the Bat from the cover of the green tape, can be found at the band's official website located at www.afterbirth.us.

    More info to come.

  2. Brad was murdered 5/6/1999/. Dustin was murdered 1/22/2005.